RebelMom Father’s Day Gift Guide

Haven’t picked out a gift for good ‘ole dad yet? Here are a few suggestions from colorful socks to mojito pops to extra-special gifts from mommy that will put a smile on dad’s face.

The Clothes Horse

Seize sur Vingt

Add a little panache to dad’s wardrobe with a Seize sur Vingt shirts. The shirts have European flair and nice lines, offering colors and patterns you won’t find in a department store dress shirt. You can buy shirts off the rack (start at $175) or have one custom made. Visit

Socks from Bloomingdales

When I see a man with socks that are beyond the standard black, navy, and brown, I think that is a man who cares about every detail of his appearance or has a wife who is an amazing shopper. Bloomingdales has a wide range of stripes and prints socks starting at $12, which will help dad look good from top to toe.

Out of Print

For Dad’s who are more into their tees than than their ties, find his favorite book in t-shirt form on Out of Print. Prices start at $28. Visit

The Wine Connoisseur

If dad doesn’t have time to go to wine tastings, bring the wine to him. Wine clubs are a great way to sample wines chosen by the experts. For moderately priced wine clubs, try Zagat Wine & WSJ Wine. Both give you 12 bottles every 3 months for about $90 with shipping.  For those who know their wines and have a special affinity to the Napa Valley, try Porthos where club prices start at $200 for 2 bottles.

Music Man

Whether hubby is a baby boomer with a massive vinyl collection or appreciates the true and undistorted sound of records, he’ll be amped with a new turntable. You’ll find the Audio Technica below for $66 on

Gifts from the Kids!

Zuko Popsicle Maker

My sister-in-law introduced me to the Zuko popsicle maker and it’s the bomb. It’s great for those dads who like to experiment in the kitchen with the kids. You can make a popsicle in 7 minutes with creative color and flavor combinations.  And remember he’s not limited to orange, cherry, and lemon. This is the perfect opportunity for dad to create his own mojito pop or margarita freezie!

Gourmet Donuts

I know many a dad who love a good donut with their coffee in the morning. Stan’s donuts are supposedly the best in North America (that’s what my donut aficionados tell me). These donuts don’t come cheap. Unless you live near a Stan’s donut shop, it will cost you around $60 for a dozen donuts to be delivered to a U.S. city ($42 is for shipping), but your dad’s morning coffee will be a heck of a lot sweeter!

Mommy’s Special Gift

Whether he likes your bedroom attire in the naughty or nice version, give dad a gift that keeps on giving… Both Agent Provocateur and La Perla are luxury lingerie brands that promise not to disappoint!  For more affordable options, take a look at Victoria Secret and Fredrick’s of Hollywood. You know you can’t go wrong with lingerie!

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