Survival in a Bag!

Do you feel unprepared for an emergency event? Help is available!

My husband and I have lived in the Caribbean for 4 years and we’ve been forced to evacuate from our home twice during hurricane season. Every year I update our supplies and look through several disaster management lists to figure out if we have everything we need to survive for a short period.

Whether it’s a devastating event like a hurricane or just a minor car accident, it’s impossible to prevent the unforeseen… but you can prepare for it.

Two women are hoping to better equip individuals and families for unexpected emergencies.  Shannon McGauley and Carmen Wilson are friends who teamed up in 2006 to create the ultimate 72 hour survival kit. They were motivated by the tragic death of an Oregon man who died from hypothermia while searching for help after he and his family were stranded on a snowy road.

The 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit also known as BOK (Bright Orange Kit) was carefully assembled after extensive research and review of guidelines provided by expert organizations in disaster management such as the Red Cross. Packaged in a stylish orange bag, the kit includes food, purification tablets, a sleeping bag, and hygiene items just to name a few of the many essentials that are enclosed.  The product is ideal to keep in the trunk of the car, use on a camping trip, or send along with your child to college. The company 4 Survival To Go also makes a compact Emergency Grab & Go Kit, which I wish I had taken with me when I was backpacking through India.

72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit $99 USD

“Everyone needs to prepare for unknown events. Our BOK is not going to address every need, but it will have the necessary items that are imperative to surviving over a 72-hour period.” – Carmen Wilson, C0-Founder

The 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit is affordably priced at $99 USD (cheaper than trying to put it together yourself!) and the Grab & Go is a no brainer at $20 USD. The 72 hour kit also includes cool items such as a 5-in-1 device that will act as a flashlight, radio, cell phone charger, signal flasher, and siren, as well as a gauze, which converts to a blood stopping gel.

Grab & Go $20 USD

The company is offering all readers for a limited period an opportunity to receive a $20.00 USD discount on BOK when the purchase is made on the 4 Survival To Go website. See below for details.

4 Survival To Go products can be purchased at the following sites:

4 Survival To Go Enter 4STGSAFE at checkout to receive $20.00 off your purchase at – offer ends Friday, April 2nd.


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