RebelMom Hot App List

Thank you RebelMom Readers, iPhone Junkies, and Crackberry Addicts for sharing apps that we can’t live without!

Dragon Search

Speak & Search

Do you wish you had another set of hands?  Well, Dragon Search allows you to surf the Internet on your iPhone hands-free. You simply speak your search and the results display.  It works with Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and iTunes. It is 5 times faster than typing.  Mobile Devices: iPhone  Cost: Free  Where: iTunes App Store (US)


Ultimate Organizer

I’m the queen of collecting articles, making notes, and bookmarking dozens of pages a day on the Internet, but I often can’t find what I need in my mounds of information. Evernote will ingest almost anything you give it (audio, pdfs, handwritten notes, receipts, web links,…) and organize it for you.  Evernote works with most handheld devices and syncs to your computer and the web, so your information is always readily available. Mobile Devices: Most smartphones   Cost: Free and Premium Version ($45 USD). Where: or iTunes App Store (US).


Track Your Monthly Friend

Planning a vacation or a second-honeymoon with hubby? iPeriod is the app that takes the guess work out of remembering your menstrual cycle. But it also goes one step further to track patterns relating to your mood, ovulation, illness, excercise and weight. Mobile Devices: iPhone & iPad   Cost: Free and Premium Version ($1.99 USD)  Where: or iTunes App Store (US) ( The first 5 RM subscribers to leave a comment on RM will receive a promo code for the premium version redeemable at the  iTunes App Store (US only).This promo is now closed as of  August 23, 2010)


Social Networking Organizer

You no longer have to jump from your Twitter to Facebook page with Meebo.  You  can chat, twitter, and friend all in one location! Meebo works with most major instant messaging and social networks. Mobile Devices: Most Smartphones  Cost: Free Where: or iTunes App Store (US).

Nat Decants

Wine Wizard

Take the guess work out of wine pairing and get expert advice for your next dinner party. Natalie Maclean is a four-time James Beard Journalism Award Winner and has been named the World’s Best Drink Writer at the World Food Media Awards. With her mobile app, Nat Decants, you can match the best wine for your meal and search for wines based on region, score, price, and winery. The site also includes recipes, winery information, and articles to improve your knowledge on wines. Mobile Devices: Most Smartphones  Cost: Free  Where: or iTunes App Store (US).

Nike Women’s Training Club

Personal Trainer

Why pay for a trainer when your smartphone can tell you how to meet your fitness goals? Nike Training Club is a fitness tool which incorporates skills, drills, and principles used by world-class athletes. You can create a program that is right for your fitness level and goals.  Mobile Devices: Most Smartphones  Cost: Free Where: or iTunes App Store (US).


Music Guru

If you feel out of touch with the music scene, Pandora can get you back on track. It not only finds music from artists you love, but can switch you onto new music from artists that have a similar sound.  Pandora creates “radio stations” based on what you like with the option to add or  remove artists.  It also has some great “radio stations” for kids of various ages. (Radio for Kids, Rockin’ Kids Radio, Toddler Radio, Sleepy Time, Kid’s Folk Music, Tween Radio). Mobile Devices: Most Smartphones  Cost: Free Where: or iTunes App Store (US).


Deal Finder

Before you buy that new fridge or designer dress, ShopSavvy can make sure that you are getting the best deal. Simply scan the bar code with your smartphone’s built in camera and ShopSavvy will search for the best price from local and online retailers. Mobile Devices: Most Smartphones  Cost: Free Where: or iTunes App Store (US).


Twitter To-Go

The name says it all! Twitterriffic makes tweeting more enjoyable and reviewers have called it the best Twitter client around. You can see your public timeline, search, and trends on one screen. @Replies, Direct Messages, and your own tweets are displayed in different colors. It also has a “shortner” if your text is too long (I’m always over the character count) and you can create bookmarklets on the Safari browser and then tap to tweet the link. Mobile Devices: iPhone, iPad, & iTouch Cost: Free  & Premium Version ($4.99 USD) Where: and iTunes App Store.

Wee World

Avatar Creator

Add a little spunk to your emails with the WeeMee Avatar Creator, named the #1 avatar on the iPhone.  Upload WeeMees to Facebook and Twitter, as well as blogging sites, instant messaging platforms, and email signatures.  You can even assign WeeMees to create visual caller ids for your friends, family, and co-workers in your address book. Mobile Devices: iPhone & Android  Cost: $.99 USD Where: or iTunes App Store (US). (The first 5 RM subscribers to leave a comment on our RM Facebook page will receive a promo code for WeeMee Avatar Creator redeemable at the iTunes App Store (US only)This promo is now closed as of  August 23, 2010)


GPS for Coupons

Clipping coupons seems so 1970s, but Yowza takes us into the digital age. With Yowza you can see coupons and special offers based on your location or enter in your favorite retailers and it will let you know when that store has a promotion.  You won’t need to carry around a coupon or printout. Simply show the barcode on your phone and the cashier can scan it in.  Mobile Devices: Most smartphones  Cost: Free  Where: or iTunes App Store (US). ( Clip Mobile is the Canadian Yowza equivalent from RM Reader Sudeep in Edmonton.)


NDrive: Called the best GPS system for your phone. (From RM Reader Breeda in Ireland)

PIM: Bringing together the best-in-class calendaring and tasks (From Brian Fearon in Toronto)

Urbanspoon:  Trouble choosing a place to eat? Let Urbanspoon give you some options.

Worldmate: If you are a frequent traveler, this app will make for smooth sailing. (From RM Reader Jani in NY)

Addictive Apps:

Snail Mail, Doodle Jump,  & Tap Fish (From RM Reader Robert in Boston)

Toddler Apps:

Monkey Preschool LunchboxTozzle, & Truckformer (From M&M in Saratoga)

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16 Responses to RebelMom Hot App List

  1. Wow, thanks so much for including me in your round-up of apps! I’d love to hear any suggestions your visitors/readers have to add new features. They can contact me via my site where I also offer a free monthly wine newsletter.


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  5. Jani says:

    Thanks for the article. Very interesting and useful. Bless your soul to find time to do all the research while having a toddler on your hands. Thanks also for including Worldmate. I love that Apps.

  6. Belinda says:

    Brilliant article for those of us still in the dark – thanks!

  7. Tiziana says:


    We love Pandora and ShopSavvy. I also use RunKeeper to keep track of all my runs. My family is falling in love with FitQuest. It’s kind of the Wii Fit on the iPhone. We used it on our last trip to keep the kids busy in the hotel.

    I need to try Nat Decants

    Thanks for putting together this list.

  8. Thara Pillai says:


    Thank you for your response and I’ll make sure to check out your recommendations. Please feel free to post comments on our RebelMom FB page.

    Warm regards,

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