The Art of Intuitive Photography

Capturing moments using her heart and her camera drives Mindy Véissid to lurk around deserted streets in New York or to head north of the city at the crack of dawn, when most of us are still asleep.

Sunrise Over Pond

She calls herself an intuitive photographer, a method that has earned her recognition as Saatchi’s Online Artist of the Week and admirers and fans from around the globe.

The Call

“I see the world as photographs, pictures framing themselves in moments of time. My intention is to capture the truth of the moment, be it in a movement or an emotion. Using only available light and present moment awareness, I can be true to my photos and to myself. My film photography allows me to use my love of prose and painting to explore more psychological and deeper emotional contextual stories, while my digital photographs allow me to explore the moments of simplicity, wonder and beauty.” -Mindy Véissid


She shares her tips on how we amateur photo enthusiasts can turn ourselves into “intuitive photographers.”

Follow your gut and your heart. Yes, it may be chilly in the early morning, and yes you may get a little wet if you are in or by the water; but there is nothing like the soft light at dawn or dusk. Photography is not always about comfort, but oh, the amazing photographs you will get!

There are so many amazing colors in the trees, on the ground, in the sky. Look all over! Look for light, and how it changes the color of a leaf or a blade of grass.

Don’t hesitate to go back to the same location at different times of the day. You’ll notice a shift in the mood or atmosphere depending on the light and weather conditions.

Don’t be afraid to move and get up close and personal to what you want to shoot. The more you move, the more you become aware of how the photo changes with every angle.

And finally, just go out and shoot! You may have no idea of what kind of photos you want to take, but there is always something out there waiting to be captured. You just need to be open to see it!

In the Rain

Mindy Véissid

Mindy Véissid, a native New Yorker, has an impressive gallery of work, affordably priced for art buyers. She also does private client photography, and her love for the medium extends to teaching, where she guides her students to see that a good picture may be anywhere and everywhere around you.  For more information, visit or on Facebook.

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2 Responses to The Art of Intuitive Photography

  1. katherine says:

    I concur with Mindy’s sentiments about taking pictures. Thanks for sharing and love the work!

  2. Roy Houston says:

    Thanks Mindy, I enjoyed the read.

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