RM Chow Time: Quick & Easy Holiday Cookies

I’m no Martha Stewart but with a little help from Betty Crocker and the Internet I managed to create some edible cookies this holiday season. *

*This article was originally published in 2010.

Gingerbread Men Recipe from AllRecipe.com

Gingerbread Men Recipe from AllRecipe.com

This gingerbread men recipe is a quick and non-messy version, which uses butterscotch pudding mix instead of molasses.  It rolls out nicely and produces a nice gingery cookie. The white trim is Betty Crocker’s white decorator icing, which hardens quickly. Visit www. AllRecipe.com for great cookie recipes.

Sugar Cookies with Betty Crocker Icing and Gels

I used a simple sugar cookie recipe, but relied on Betty Crocker cake decorating icing and gels for the final touches.  Visit www.BettyCrocker.com for hundreds of festive cookie ideas that are sure to be a crowd pleaser over the holidays.

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