RM Chow Time: Oven-Roasted Lemon Trout

Trout is one of my favorites fishes to prepare. I created a recipe that is not only easy to put together, but is absolutely delicious. It involves coating the outside of a cleaned trout (skin on) with an olive oil marinade to create a crispy exterior with the inside of the fish filled with a flavorful dressing .

This recipe works with two whole trouts (1/2 pound each) , which are cleaned but still have the skin on.  I coated each fish with the marinade below (you can let sit for a couple of hours in the fridge if you have time or prepare for the oven immediately)  and then apply a thin layer of the sour cream and lemon dressing on the inside of the fish.

Halve 5-8 baby tomatoes and add to the pan.  Then broil for 10 minutes to brown the outside and then bake at 450 fahrenheit for 15 -20 minutes. Remove and serve with grilled asparagus and fingerling potatoes.


1/4 cup olive oil

1/2 lemon juiced and zested

3 cloves of garlic minced or crushed

salt and pepper to taste

Whisk together ingredients and coat the outside of the fish.


1/3 cup of fat free sour cream

3 tsp of coarse whole mustard

1/2 lemon juiced and zested

salt and pepper to taste

Whisk and apply a thin layer inside the fish. If you like a lot of sauce, then spoon more into the cavity of the fish.

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