Chow Time: Tips to Engaging a Picky Eater

My daughter’s favorite outing is for salmon sashimi and while she has eaten Indian, Lebanese, Ethiopian, Chinese, Mexican, and Turkish dishes, the truth is that she’d probably be quite content eating pasta with a bit of cheese sprinkled on top… and that’s not unusual. But if you find that your child has not developed a love or openness to trying different foods, here are a few helpful measures that have worked in our household and may work in yours.

Also, take a look at the links below and please post any useful tips that you’ve used with your own picky eaters.

1. Don’t make special meals for your kids.

My 3-year-old is served what we are eating for dinner that night. I may slightly modify a dish for her palate, but we all eat basically the same food.  When we go out to someone’s house for dinner I also encourage them not to make a special kid meal (macaroni and cheese or hamburgers) for her. I think its good for her to experience different dishes and cooking styles.

2. Try and eat together

My husband works late and I used to wait to eat with him. I’ve now chosen to eat with my daughter because I find she’ll be apt to try new things if she sees mommy eating it as well. It’s also good for mom not to eat too late!

3. Get them to help you with dinner

My daughter loves salad with balsamic dressing and I’m convinced it’s partly due to the fact that she makes the dressing with me. Most of the foods that she takes part in creating, she will eat. It’s a pride thing.

4. Take a  ”no thank you” bite ( Tip from RebelMom Christina Montgomery). The deal is you must try every dish before refusing it and if you don’t like it say, “No thank you.” I often find that getting her to try things is half the battle, but after taking a taste she’ll happily chow down on it.

Here are a few useful articles:

Tips from the Mayo Clinic

Picky Eater Strategies from Terrific Parenting

Fostering Healthy Eating Habits in Picky Eaters from Dr. Sears

Picky Eating Habits Could be Genetic – NY Times

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  1. This is all great advice! Thanks!

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