Chow Time: Top Ten Comfort Foods & Wine Matches

1.  Popcorn with Chilean Chardonnay
2.  Nachos with California Zinfandel
3.  Potato chips with French Champagne
4.  Pizza with Italian Chianti
5.  Fish and chips with German Riesling
6.  Hamburgers with Australian Shiraz
7.  Smoked salmon with Canadian or Oregon Pinot Noir
8.  Quiche with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
9.  Canned brown beans with tawny Port
10. TV dinner steak with French or Washington Cabernet Sauvignon

Natalie MacLean is an independent journalist and author of the bestseller “Red, White and Drunk All Over“. For Google searches on popular terms like “food and wine matching” and “wine newsletter,” Natalie’s site is often on the first page of the results as it has become a go-to resource for food and wine lovers. Natalie has won four James Beard Journalism Awards, including the MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award. At the World Food Media Awards in Australia, she was named the World’s Best Drinks Writer. Natalie has also created an easy-to-use online tool and mobile application for your smartphone to help you pair food and wine.  You can find Natalie onYouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or visit her website,

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