Chow Time: My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets.

I love kitchen gadgets and here are a few that I think you may love as much as I do.  They can help you season, chop, and peel more efficiently, as well as cook and clean at lightening speed. Enjoy!

Zyliss Vegetable Peeler

If your recipes require a lot of peeling, then the Zyliss peeler is for you. I recently used this wonder peeler in my friend’s kitchen and I whizzed through several pounds of potatoes. I didn’t end up with any unsightly cuts and the blade took off a nice thin layer of peel.

Wusthof Knife Sharpner

I have friends who stock their kitchen with $100 chopping knives, but when you try using them its like cutting a tomato with a butter knife. If you own good knives, for goodness sake sharpen them! The Wusthof knife sharpener is easy to use and you can’t really damage the blade. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Amici Jars

My mother has a nice collection of airtight jars she stores all of her Indian spices. They look great and they keep spices fresh for months.  These airtight Amici jars do the same and come in a variety of styles at a very good price point. Many of the home flash sale sites regularly feature these jars and they work well for rice, beans, flour, and cereals.

All in One Stick from Dirt Devil

I hate sweeping as I find you can never get everything into your dustpan. So, for quick clean ups I turn to my All in One Stick. It functions like a broom with suction, but also converts to a hand-held vacuum cleaner. At $20 you can’t go wrong and it takes a lot less effort than pulling out the big upright vacuum cleaner.  This doesn’t have a power brush, so its not going to do a great job on carpet. However, I use it on my hardwood floors and bathroom tiles. Get one – you won’t be disappointed!

Miu Salt & Pepper Mill

I don’t own this Miu set of electric salt and pepper mills yet, but its on my list of things to buy. This was another great find that I tried out at a friend’s house and loved.  It never gets jammed and it delivers a nice even grind, which has been my biggest complaint with manuel mills.

Electric Wok

I just unpacked my wok after being in storage for a year. I’m glad to have my old friend back. I’ve already made shrimp stir fry and have a whole series of Indian dishes planned for it. What’s great about electric woks is that you can use it outside in the summer, which is ideal for highly aromatic Indian dishes I like to cook. It also can be used for shallow frying, risotto, or stews. The shape and electric coil at the bottom circulate the heat evenly and it won’t heat up your kitchen like the stove will. You’ll find you’ll speed up your cooking time between 20 -30%.

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