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The biggest complaint I hear from moms when it comes to making dinner is creating meals that appeal to both parents and kids. Well, look no further as Anna Kreimer from has created recipes that will appeal to the whole family. The best part is that they are easy and nutritious.

“I’m passionate about my food and what I serve to my family. Here are few of my favorite recipes that are satisfying for parents and kids. I use healthy and whole ingredients and focus on simple preparation and smart planning to make the cooking enjoyable activity.” – Anna Kreimer

Light Bolognese Sauce

“Light bolognese sauce is just worth making. It is healthy, because it is loaded with vegetables – carrots, zucchini, tomatoes. It is great over whole grain pasta, rice or other grains. This sauce is rich and delicious. Choose best quality meat, cook once and enjoy twice or more!”

Keeping it Simple with Hummus!

“Hummus is a healthy and balanced vegan dish. Made of chickpeas and sesame paste, it is exceptionally rich in minerals as iron, magnesium, calcium, copper and more. Rich, nutty flavor balances well with crunchy vegetables. For quick lunch serve it in pita pocket with pickle. If you are looking to consume more of plant based food, this is a great choice – filling and satisfying.”

Homemade Baked Chicken Nuggets

Do you like chicken nuggets, but concerned what they are made of? Make your own for the family dinner. Use the leftovers to pack lunch. Those nuggets are big hit for my kids. And my husband.

Anna loves cooking with natural whole ingredients and pack colorful, attractive lunch boxes. She has created ‘In a lunchbox’  blog to share her passion for healthy food and to provide practical, easy to implement ideas and tasty recipes for lunch box packing to help others to make this aspect of parenting joyful and rewarding. Anna is into finding inner peace. She believes that preparing and eating with joy and awareness is a part of the practice. Read her blog and follow ‘In a Lunchbox’ on Facebook for nutrition tips, recipes and ideas.

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