Chow Time – Desserts for Your Next Party!

A dessert that is not too heavy and compliments a meal is a great way to wrap up a dinner party. Here are a few exotic and traditional desserts that should end your evening with a bang and leave your guests very satisfied.

Passion Fruit Ice Cream Pie with Ginger Crust – Food & Wine - RebelMom Pick!

The recipe is a great grown-up dessert for your next summer time dinner party. It’s easy to make, but it can be challenging to find some of the ingredients: candied ginger, dried pineapple, passion fruit nectar, and dulce de leche. You can try the international food section in your local market or a Spanish grocery store for these ingredients.

Dark Chocolate Creme Brulee from Bon Appetit - RebelMom Pick!
I haven’t made this recipe in a decade but it’s still one of my favorites. This is the perfect combination of cream and chocolate. You’ll want to eat two!

Molten Chocolate Cake from The Pioneer Woman – RebelMom Pick!
This recipe is a piece of cake (no pun intended) to make that you’ll wonder why you spent $12 buying it at a restaurant. While molten chocolate cake is rather passe now, everyone still loves the pouch of chocolate in the middle of a rich piece of cake.

Photo by Ree Drummond for The Pioneer Woman

Mango Mousse from InfoLanka – RebelMom Pick!
Mango mousse is my Indian meal standby. It is the perfect compliment to spicy dishes and you can make it the day before. I use cool whip, which my original recipe called for, and I always serve it with a spring of fresh mint.  I used to chill it in a large glass dish, but it looks more elegant in individual ramekins. You can find mango pulp at most Indian grocery stores, which you can google by plugging in your zip code/postal code and the words “Indian grocery”.

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One Response to Chow Time – Desserts for Your Next Party!

  1. Indira Pillai says:

    I love using plain gelatin in the Mango Mousse recipe .Does not adulterate the Mango flavour .I serve it with an icecream scoop and sprinkle poppy seeds lightly on the top .A sprig of fresh mint makes the dessert more dandy .
    I have also served this dessert with shelled ,roasted ,chopped pistachios sprinkled on top.Was an instant hit

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