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Just For Me: A Guide to Walking Meditation

I want to meditate and respect that meditation would add value to my health, wellness, and life. However, trying to make time for it seems like an impossible task.  StyleMama Landon Slane gave me food for thought. She mentioned that she … read more

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Just for Me: Defining yourself or not…

I stated in my “About” section that I’m rebelling from being defined by just my “mommy status.” Some have asked why I’m rebelling from motherhood or why do I care how others define me. However, it’s not that I don’t … read more

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Just For Me: Making Time for Your Partner-Good for Everyone!

Finding time for anyone other than the kids can be tricky, but it’s important for your relationships and for you. Here are a few ideas on how to set aside time for you and your partner: Prioritizing a proper chat: … read more

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Just For Me: Mommy-Friendly Beachwear

Do you embrace the warm weather or dread the thought of having to wear a bathing suit? Well, here are a few beach wear suggestions that are mommy-friendly and will give you a bit of glam for the summer season! … read more

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