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Just For Me: Design Like a Recessionista

Revamping your interiors may not be a top priority while we’re living through a recession, but Interior Design Guru Jill Sorensen has some tips on how to design like a recessionista! Reprinted with courtesy from Jill Sorensen and With … read more

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Just for Me: “The Talk” with Ageing Parents

For those of us in the so-called “Sandwich Generation” there are two dreaded conversations: Lecturing our teen-agers on the benefits of virginity (and the necessity of safe sex) and talking to our parents about preparations for their latter years. In … read more

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A Surfer’s Wife in Nicaragua

I have been a surfer’s wife for a good few years now. With this title I earn a husband who at the flick of a switch ditches his work-day chinos for board shorts and a rash vest. I also get … read more

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Just for Me: The 12 Minute Exercise Routine

If someone told you that you could feel like you worked out for an hour after a 12 minute excercise routine would you do it? RebelMom Contributor Meghan Thompson turned me on to Metafit. It’s a killer workout created by … read more

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