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Every child needs to rock out in the car with their mom. Give your child that joy with a group that brought the “garage band” to the modern day! Also, my friends can’t stop talking about Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. Read Patti Ryan’s (RebelMom Reader) review below.

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Angles by The Strokes

RebelMom Pick!

This is such a fun album and Nadia (my almost 3-year-old) rocks out in the car to The Strokes during the school run. Our favorites are Machu Picchu,  Under Cover of Darkness,  & Taken for a Fool.  - RebelMom

“With its sudden-U-turn songwriting and curt execution, Angles is the best album that Casablancas, guitarists Nick Valensi and Albert Hammond Jr., bassist Nikolai Fraiture and drummer Fabrizio Moretti have made since 2001′s Is This It, the cannonball that inaugurated the modern-garage era.” – David Fricke for Rolling Stone

Angles - The Strokes

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

Reader Pick!

“I enjoyed Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen, for its rollicking, incisive, 562-page roast of the modern family, politics, parenting, relationships and North American assumptions about freedom. The characters are larger than life, beautifully unbalanced and complexly compromised. The book is a gently satirical page-turner with a lot going on beneath the surface that’s worth contemplating.” –  Patti Ryan, writer and mom to Chloe (11) and Ciaran (8) – Ottawa, Canada.  For more on Patti, visit www.southsidecommunications.cawww.rymansatlarge.travellerspoint.com.

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