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Florence & the Machine is back!  Not so long ago we featured her debut album “Lungs,” and now her powerful follow up “Ceremonials” is a must-have!  Our book pick for the week features a strong woman as well – Catherine the Great – whose biography will paint a picture in your mind of the woman and ruler that she was.

“Ceremonials” – Florence & the Machine

“Florence is a machine” – Jody Rosen, rollingstone.com

Ceremonials (Deluxe Version) - Florence + The Machine

“…a baroque cathedral, bedecked with ornate tapestries made of ghostly choirs, pagan-rhythmic splendor, and a whole lot of harp…” – Kyle Anderson, EW.com

“She’s a bloodied, bloodying songbird in a gilded cage of immaculately crafted, slow-burn, chest-beating empowerment anthems, gripping steel bars that her elegantly volcanic voice could shred 
at any moment.” – Rob Harvilla, Spin.com

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman – Robert K. Massie

Catherine The Great: Portrait of a Woman

“The portrait Massie paints for us of Catherine is intimate and alive. Above all she was a passionate woman lonely at the pinnacle of power she had seized for herself, looking for love in all the wrong places…In Catherine the Great Massie has created a sensitive and compelling portrait not just of a Russian titan, but also of a flesh-and-blood woman.”Owen Matthews, The Daily Beast

“The author, 82, is clearly enraptured by his extraordinary heroine and by the end, so is the reader. Even bone-deep anti-monarchists will find themselves cheering on this absolute despot. What a woman, what a world, what a biography.”Deirdre Donahue, USAtoday.com

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