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You’ll get a flash back of groovin’ in a roller disco when you listen to the new album by Body Language! Once you’ve danced your last Solid Gold move, curl up with a memoir about a teen mother, written by Tracy Engelbrecht, and prepare to laugh as she reminisces about her experience becoming a mother.

Social Studies by Body Language

Social Studies (Deluxe Edition) - Body Language

“With its diverse mix of uptempo dance beats, pop hooks and soulfully funky vocals, “Social Studies” has something for just about everyone, provided they don’t feel like sitting still.” – Dena Trugman, NPR.org

The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No by Tracy Engelbrecht

The Girl Who Couldn’t Say No on Amazon.com

Tracy Engelbrecht had me hooked on her story within the first few pages of her refreshing (and FUNNY) account on life as a teen mother.  While her “Situation” (as some in her community referred to it) is one which may have turned out much differently, her candid approach to writing results in the perfect balance of amusement and serious reflection.

“Tracy Engelbrecht’s first book is honest to the point of running down the street, shrieking and naked. Her story is not one often told with humour or lightness – that is, the story of what it is like to be a teenage mom…With wit and humility, Engelbrecht shares her mistakes and triumphs, regrets and pleasures. She doesn’t presume to be an agony aunt or a psychologist – just another girl, not so different from everyone else.”- Cape Times

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One Response to RM Books & Music – Body Language & Tracy Engelbrecht

  1. Hi RM! Thanks so much for mentioning my book – much appreciated!It was first published in 2007 so things have changed quite a lot. My son is now 17, daughter nearly 10. I’m getting old! :) I do hope that your readers will take advantage while it’s still free, it’s always great to get feedback (mostly it’s been good, but not all! :) ) and to chat with readers.

    It’s kind of weird now – interacting with readers for whom the story is brand new, when it’s actually “ancient history” for me now. I’ve also been surprised by the diversity of people who have enjoyed the book – male and female, all ages and backgrounds. It’s not the typical “teen pregnancy” story with a sad and wistful sepia-toned tragic figure on the cover :) Not much of that at all.

    Thanks again!

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