RM Book & Music Picks – Sister Hazel & The Hummingbirds’s Daughter

Heartland Highway by Sister Hazel

Reader Pick!

“Sister Hazel is a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll… and in their newest album, Heartland Highway (released in October 2010) they are a little bit inspirational, as well. The band was named after a nun in the spirit of unconditional concern for all beings. Their songs have an uplifting beat and optimistic themes that make them perfect “feel good” listening.” – Meghan Thompson, Writer, RM Contributor, and Mother of Connall – Albury, UK

*You can sample this album via the iTunes button below without making a purchase.

Heartland Highway - Sister Hazel

What the Kids are Listening to…

Music is Life is Music – The 53rd Grammy’s

RebelMom Pick!

I can’t keep up with the who’s who of music today. It’s frightful to think that I used to work for a major music site in New York. However, I have tapped into some hip mommies as well as some switched on kids who’ve offered to help me recommend current tunes that your tweens and teens are listening to on their ipods. To kick-off this section, check out the winners and nominees from this year’s Grammy’s. Unfortunately, time and pricing models have done away with compilation albums, but you now have the flexibility just to buy whatever makes you want to rock out to in your car or shower! Take a listen to some of my favorites: Arcade Fire, Train, Esperanza Spalding, Florence & the Machine, and Cee Lo Green.

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The Hummingbird’s Daughter by Luis Alberto Urrea

Reader Pick!

“Luis Alberto Urrea is a magical storyteller. He engulfs you in this luxurious epic set in Mexico and inspired by one of his own relatives, a herb healer who became a revolutionary leader. It’s got everything: passion, feuds, lush landscapes, and delicious foodie scenes.” – Maria Garriga, Writer & Law Student – Hartford, Connecticut

Disclosure: RebelMom.com has an affiliate relationship with iTunes & Amazon, which means that purchasing music or books via the links helps support RebelMom.com. However, the choices of music and books are editorially independent from those sites.  All content on this page has been chosen by myself or readers without any financial recognition from iTunes, Amazon.com, the artists, or authors.

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