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It’s hard to get past her supermodel good looks, but Esperanza Spalding is more than just a pretty face. The 26-year-old jazz artist has been nominated as best new artist at the February 13th Grammy Awards, but her accomplishments don’t stop there. She sings, plays several instruments, composes, arranges, and speaks several languages. At age 20, she became the youngest professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. She’s played with jazz greats like Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, and Patti Austin. She’s also opened for Prince.

She’s been part of the music scene for some time and her recent album Chamber Music Society is receiving rave reviews. However, it’s her previous album Esperanza with its Brazillian jazz rhythms that has won me over.  Take a listen – you won’t be disappointed.

Esperanza - Esperanza Spalding

One Day by David Nicholls

Reader Pick!

“The love story “One Day” by British author David Nicholls had me totally hooked from the first page.   This is the story of a twenty year friendship between Emily and Dexter who meet on the night of their graduation – July 15, 1988, and then looks at where they are on July 15 the next year and the year after that, and the year after that….spanning twenty years.

After I finished the book in a supermarket parking lot (sad, I know, but I couldn’t put it down), I texted, emailed and told anyone who would listen “read this book!”. Apparently, it is being made into a movie starring Anne Hathaway… read it before you see it, as we all know that movies rarely do books justice.” – Submitted by Sue Simpson from Tortola, British Virgin Islands (Mother of 2)

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