Books & Music – Still Alice & Luisa Maita

Still Alice is a powerful and haunting novel about life with Alzheimer’s told from the perspective of Alice, a cognitive psychologist who begins to lose that which she spends her life studying – her memory. Afterwards, relax and enjoy the remainder of the summer with the sounds of Brazil – try out Luisa Maita’s debut album, Lero-Lero!

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Still Alice

“After I read “Still Alice” I wanted to stand up and tell a train full of strangers, “You have to get this book.”… Still Alice” is written not from the outside looking in, not from the point of view of a caretaker or a husband or a friend, but from the inside looking out. This is Alice Howland’s story, for as long as she can tell it.” -Beverly Beckham, The Boston Globe

“As a mother myself, I was struck by her family’s struggle with losing the mother they knew in favor of one who had trouble recognizing those she loved.” – Kathy Schickel, Mother of 7, Natick, MA

Lero-Lero by Luisa Maita

Lero-Lero - Luisa Maita

“Brazilian culture is all about artful blending — continuums rather than dualities. Maita can set a love song to a martial arts rhythm; evoke harsh realities of ghetto life with gentleness and dry-eyed humanity; and most of all, use her fluid versatile voice and a rich musical heritage — from samba to jazz and pop — to make it all feel like one coherent whole. Lero-Lero is a discovery, but if Maita keeps making records this good, she could well be on her way to international stardom.” -Banning Eyre, NPR

“I won’t deny the language barrier present here! However, Luisa Maita’s tranquil, refreshing voice and accompaniment convey emotions beyond the constraints of language. Be sure to listen to smooth sounding track “Alivio” and dance to the upbeat “Fulaninha.” – Elysha Schickel, RebelMom Staffer.

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