RM Book Lounge: The Wife Next Door by Sandra Lescoe

What happens when an ex-wife and a current wife are brought together after the death of the man they had once called their husband? In Sandra Lescoe’s debut novel, The Wife Next Door, I swallowed hard after reading the excerpt below and didn’t know whose circumstances were more painful.  This novel is one of those books where you’d happily give up precious hours of sleep so you can find out what happens next.

Full Disclosure: The author is one of my idols and good friends, who aside from writing novels, runs marathons, manages a busy household with three kids, designs wedding dresses, and bakes cakes to die for…

Read the excerpt below and you’ll gladly pay the $2.99 for this great read!

The Wife Next Door By Sandra Lescoe


“…I never delivered the breakup speech that I had quickly composed on my walk over to our meeting place.  Even from the doorway of the bar, once my eyes found her sitting halfway across the room, I could tell that she was crying, and her face had That Look about it.  You know the one – it’s the look that you only see on the faces of family members waiting in the emergency room, or on kids who get picked last for baseball teams.  I knew before I sat down that I was in for trouble, so I just sat there and waited to be hit with it.

“It” – the Pregnancy Bomb – turned out to pack more of a punch than I had imagined.  The news was delivered in snippets, at random intervals between sobs, to the point where I almost didn’t get what she was saying at first because it took her about five minutes to get out, “I took a test and I’m pregnant.”

And when it finally registered – the words congealing into a repulsive glob somewhere in my intestinal tract – I swear that my heart stopped for a full minute.  I could feel my feet under the table, trying to unmoor from the floor and run away.  My hands itched to dial the nearest clinic right then to set up an appointment for an abortion.  All of a sudden, there were tears of anger and frustration and disbelief trying to push out of my eyes, even though I hadn’t cried in over a decade.  I wanted to drown every last person in that restaurant with my angry tears.

But I did none of those things.

Instead, when I found I could breathe and speak again, I did the right thing and asked Leslie to marry me.  At a high top bar table at Point 9 Bistro, I proposed to Leslie with no ring, no flowers, and no desire.

And she said yes.”

Author Sandra Lescoe

The Wife Next Door is offered exclusively in Amazon’s Kindle format until late July 2012, after which time it will be available in most e-reader formats.  Read more here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007WMQJH2

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