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It’s not often that you can jump into the middle of a book series and understand what’s going on.  But Lydia Millet puts a different spin on things by making a minor character in the first book into the narrator of the second! The reader is told only what Hal, the new narrator, wants to let you in on, which give an interesting perspective on the reliability of a narrator, and good insight into human nature! Plus, if you want to learn more, you can always go back to the beginning…

Ghost Lights by Lydia Millet

“…Millet presents a disoriented postmodern hero who becomes a willing but only marginally competent detective in a mystery that requires a series of absurd divagations leading to a life-changing or life-threatening existential inquiry.” - Carolyn Cooke, San Francisco Chronicle

“Ghost Lights’’ is about Hal, an IRS bureaucrat married to Susan, who is obsessed with her boss’s disappearance in Belize. About one quarter of the way through this novel, Hal decides to go to Belize to look for T. – not because he cares about him (he doesn’t) or because he’s always wanted to go Belize, but because . . . It’s unclear, to Hal and to the reader, and I mean this as praise: After all, do we ever run away for a good reason?” – Brock Clarke, The Boston Globe

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