Rick Springfield is Back!

For longer than I would like to admit, I WISHED THAT I WAS JESSIE’S GIRL (I would have dumped Jessie in a snap!).  Yes, I had a life-size poster of Mr. Rick Springfield seductively holding a guitar opposite my bed during my teens.  But he suddenly disappeared and we never saw or heard of Rick again, except for a recent cameo on Californication.

The former teen idol who stole my heart and millions of others has now resurfaced with a graphic confessional detailing his long battle with depression and the highs and lows of his career as a musician and actor (Remember Dr. Noah Drake from GH?).

Watch the morning talk show circuit this week and you’ll see the 60-year-old pop icon publicizing his book with thousands of screaming women who would still love to be HIS girl.

You can find Late, Late at Night by Rick Springfield in major bookstores. I’ll be picking up a copy soon!

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6 Responses to Rick Springfield is Back!

  1. Merideth says:

    wow, I never realized Rick was so hot! I would have had a poster of him myself ;)

  2. Sarah says:

    Wait, is that a recent picture of him? If so I’ll take a poster now!

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  4. Thara Pillai says:

    It’s not late to be a Rick Springfield groupie! We could follow him around in a VW van.:)

  5. RedMango says:

    Very nice post!

  6. herbalife says:

    Quite interesting Blog .. thanks a lot

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