Where do the Hipsters go on holidays?

When I moved to London several years ago, a good friend who has more passport entries than a flight attendant gave me the Louis Vuitton European City Guide.

Europe Box Set - $130 USD

The European City Guide is part of a series of travel books published by the luxury design company and includes 40 of the world’s most exciting cities to visit from New York to Mumbai.

At the time, I was on a budget and wondered if I could afford any of the travel suggestions? However, many of the sites and activities come without a luxe price tag attached.  The guide gives you the insider’s scoop to all those places the locals and hipsters flock to such as artists’ haunts and chic cafes. You won’t find a tour bus pulling up to the locations mentioned.

The books are great gifts for jetsetters and armchair travelers alike ! The city guides are priced at $34 USD and the European Cities Collection is $130 USD.

It is the ultimate travel guide for adults with taste and style!  Check it out:

Louis Vuitton Travel Guide

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