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Intellectual Stimulation? There’s an App for That!

I’ve sung the “A,B,C’s.”  I have a playlist with more than a hundred nursery rhymes and Disney songs.  I have tickled Elmo, hammered square pegs into round holes and decided that I, too, do not like green eggs and ham.  … read more

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What my son is teaching me about my mom…

Last night (Reprinted with courtesy from Temple of Inspiration) The seconds crept by one by one, seeming to lag in some physics-defying black hole. As the piercing screams intensified, my eardrums threatened to rupture.  The monitor projected each traumatized sniffle.  I could almost … read more

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Biodanza: Free Yourself with Dance

Let go!  Feel the music and move.  Let it take you away or deep into yourself.  Fill up on life’s vibrancy, creativity and human connection.  This is biodanza; and it’s not a bad way to spend an evening. My friend … read more

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NurtureShock: Surprising Parenting Advice

Did you know that childhood obesity and ADHD could be linked to sleep deprivation?  Or that fear of punishment will make kids more likely to lie?  Or that recess is critical to a child’s ability to learn – not just a chance … read more

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