RebelMom – Rebelling against being defined by JUST my mommy-status!

This site is part therapy and part fun. It’s an opportunity for me to tap into all my hip and worldly friends who know “what’s up”, as well as share tips and tricks to make life a little easier and more enjoyable.  So, sit down, grab a coffee, and make a little “me” time.

I welcome your comments, article suggestions, and ideas on how to make this site better. I hope you enjoy the ride!


Thara – RebelMom

Thara Pillai – Founder & Editor

Thara & Nadia

Thara has lived, traveled, and worked in 7 countries in the last 12 years. Her career began in broadcasting, where she worked as a television journalist, producer, and bureau manager for American and Canadian broadcasters. Following that, she advised blue chip clients in the U.S., Europe, and Asia on marketing, business development, and strategy.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto, a Master of Journalism from Carlton University in Ottawa, and an Master of Business Administration from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. She hopes to put these degrees to good use by bringing RebelMom and other online initiatives to women around the world.

Meghan Thompson – Senior Contributor & Copy-Editor

Meghan & Conall

After sampling five careers in five cities in just over five years, Meghan Thompson, a graduate of Cornell University, built a wealth of knowledge about what she does not want to do with her life (including politics, banking, communications and PR). At last, she is doing what she does want to do (writing) where she wants to do it (in England) with the support of her husband, the amazing “rugby bloke” and their incredible son, “Sir Grinsalot,” who joined them in October 2009. Meghan has just completed her first novel, Mavornia Resurrected.

Popular RM features by Meghan include: Intellectual Stimulation? There’s an App for that! & A Coach for the Biggest Game of All

Elysha Schickel – Editorial Assistant

Elysha Schickel

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